Amazon working on 'Vesta' home robots: reports

After capturing the imagination of millions of consumers with products and devices such as Kindle, Echo speakers, Fire TV set-up boxes and Fire tablets, Amazon is now planning to come out with robots for the home.

According to reports by Bloomberg and The Washington Post, Amazon has an ambitious and top-secret plant to develop domestic robots codenamed ‘Vesta,’ after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home and family.
The project is being developed by Lab126, the hardware research and development division of Amazon that operates out of Sunnyvale in California. The lab developed various Amazon devices over the years.
Citing unnamed sources, the reports said that the Vesta would be like a mobile Alexa, helping customers in parts of their home where they do not have Echo devices.
Prototypes of the new robot that is being developed feature advanced cameras and computer vision software. These gadgets can go around the house and are self-driven.
With the market for domestic robots expected to be huge, other companies including Sony Corp and LG Electronics are also learnt to be developing new products.