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Infosys slapped with second visa misuse case news
10 August 2012

Indian outsourcing giant Infosys Technologies has found itself slapped with a second case in US courts over harassment stemming from alleged abuses of US work visas.

A former Infosys account manager filed a lawsuit against the company on 2 August in US district court for the northern district of California. According to Satya Dev Tripuraneni, who worked for Infosys for about five years, he was harassed for blowing the whistle on misuse of US visas.

Infosys spokeswoman Sukanya Ghosh said yesterday that the company was investigating all his claims.

The charges are similar to those another employee who filed a lawsuit in 2011 alleging harassment after alerting Infosys managers to visa abuses.

''We categorically deny any allegation or assertion that there is or was a corporate policy of evading the law in connection with the B-1 Visa program,'' Ghosh said by email.

''Our position is the same now as it has been from the beginning. We have not retaliated against any employee for bringing any suspected incident to the company's attention and we look forward to addressing this matter soon in open court.''

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Infosys slapped with second visa misuse case