Google to offer 'bug bounty' in all-out war on malware

20 Oct 2017

Uber rival Lyft raises funds from Google arm ahead of public offer in 2018

20 Oct 2017

Google patches Home Mini to end inadvertant snooping

12 Oct 2017

Google Fibre drops TV service, to focus on internet

09 Oct 2017

Google ends ‘first-click free’ policy to help publishers seeking paywall

03 Oct 2017

The moves come amid mounting criticism that online platforms are siphoning off the majority of revenues as more readers turn to digital platforms for news

Google Cloud banking on AI, machine learning to compete with Amazon, Microsoft in India

27 Sep 2017

Many YouTube videos glorify alcohol

21 Sep 2017

Google inks $1.1 bn deal with Taiwan’s HTC to buy Pixel staff

21 Sep 2017

Google is buying the HTC team that built the Pixel smartphone for Google in a cash deal, plus getting a non-exclusive license for HTC's intellectual property to help support Pixel phones

Google’s payment app Google Tez goes live

18 Sep 2017

Alphabet asks federal judge to delay trial in Uber dispute

18 Sep 2017

Google to allow users to permanently mute sites, block autoplay of videos in upcoming Chrome version

16 Sep 2017

Google Glass app helps autistic children with social interactions

16 Sep 2017

Three women sue Google over alleged gender pay disparities

15 Sep 2017

Google appeals record €2.4 billion antitrust fine levied by EU

12 Sep 2017

Alphabet forms new holding company XXVI Holdings Inc

02 Sep 2017

Google-funded think tank sacks scholar who praised EU penalty

01 Sep 2017

Net neutrality: it’s AT&T, Comcast vs. Google, Facebook, Amazon

01 Sep 2017

Apple has specifically urged the FCC chairman not to roll back an existing ban against so-called “fast lanes”, which might allow broadband providers someday to charge for faster delivery of tech companies’ movies, music or other content

YouTube redesigns mobile app and logo

30 Aug 2017

Google error disrupts internet access in Japan

30 Aug 2017

Google refunds advertisers for traffic generated by bots

28 Aug 2017

Google may be 3 years ahead of Apple in autonomous car tech

26 Aug 2017

Judge nixes AT&T’s attempt to stall Google Fiber construction

18 Aug 2017

Google acquires Indian professor’s health monitoring startup Senois Health

17 Aug 2017

Google testing lighter version of ‘Search’ app for slow internet connections

17 Aug 2017

Google awards $10,000 to Uruguayan high school student under its Vulnerability Reward Programme

16 Aug 2017