Google tightening app security, enhancing performance of smartphones

21 Dec 2017

Google News bars publications masking country of origin

18 Dec 2017

Google has moved to block from its news search publications that mask their country of origin or intentionally mislead readers in a further step to curb the spread of fake news

Amazon to sell Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices

16 Dec 2017

Alphabet `X’ sells new wireless internet technology to Andhra Pradesh

15 Dec 2017

Google looks to China for AI growth seven years after leaving the country

14 Dec 2017

YouTube to crack down on abusive videos targeting children

05 Dec 2017

Google, Facebook under Australian competition body’s scanner

04 Dec 2017

Google sued in UK for ‘illegally’ mining data from iPhones

02 Dec 2017

According to activist group Google You Owe Us, the tech giant unlawfully harvested personal information from nearly 5.4 million Apple iPhone users in England and Wales between June 2011 and February 2012 through the consumers' use of Safari

Uber Waymo dispute: Letter alleges secretive effort by Uber to spy on competitors

30 Nov 2017

Google granted patent for smart, motorised laptop lid

27 Nov 2017

Google teams up with Pluralsight, Udacity to train 1.3 lakh Indian youth

25 Nov 2017

Russia warns Google of retaliation if RT, Sputnik search rankings lowered

22 Nov 2017

Tesla releases powerbank for Android phones and iPhones

20 Nov 2017

Google update allows Google Assistant to broadcast messages via Google Home speakers

14 Nov 2017

Study finds phishing attacks pose greatest threat to Google services users

11 Nov 2017

Google reported in talks to acquire Mumbai-based Just Dial

10 Nov 2017

Google affiliate Waymo to put first fully driver-less cars on road

08 Nov 2017

Waymo, emerging from the Google Self-Driving Car project, will early next year make robotic chauffeurs available in Phoenix, Arizona, as it seeks to hang on to its first-mover advantage in the autonomous car field

Salesforce, Google join forces in cloud, apps deal

07 Nov 2017

Texas shooting: Google spread misinformation, conspiracy theories

07 Nov 2017

Fake version of WhatsApp found on Google Play Store

06 Nov 2017

Google’s first Indian Cloud platform goes operational in Mumbai

02 Nov 2017

Facebook, Twitter, Google unveil extent of Russian meddling

02 Nov 2017

In their testimony before a Congress committee, the social media companies revealed startling new data showing many more millions of Americans were exposed to the fake news than previously thought

Smartphones allow Google to track what users are doing at all times

31 Oct 2017

With cheese on top? Google’s Pichai to give burger emoji top priority

30 Oct 2017

Google hammering out revenue-sharing model with publishers; details unclear

23 Oct 2017