Nintendo tops 'Kids' most loved brands list' news
13 October 2009

Market research and consulting firm Smarty Pants has revealed  the brands that kids and early teenagers love the most in its Most Loved Brands.

Nintendo's Wii and DS top the 2009 list of brands that kids have shown a thumbs up to.

Kids participate in more than $500 billion in consumer spending every year. Parents consider their preferences in categories ranging from school supplies to desserts to family entertainment.

''From Crayola to iPod, kids' most loved brands are familiar, iconic brands that delight kids and parents with variety, value, family-friendly content and simple pleasures,'' explains Smarty Pants president, Wynne Tyree. ''Interestingly, the top brands are not traditional 'for kids only' brands; in fact, many are not marketed directly to kids.''

Kids' 25 Most Loved Brands - 2009
1.  Wii 
2.  Nintendo DS 
3.  Oreo 
4.  McDonald's 
5.  M&M'S 
6.  Doritos 
7.  Nickelodeon 
8.  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 
9.  Cheetos 
10. Disney 
11. Popsicle 
12. iPod 
13. Disney Channel 
14. PlayStation 
15. Reese's 
16. Crayola 
17. Cartoon Network 
18. Chips Ahoy! 
19. Pizza Hut 
20. Toys''R''Us 
21. Burger King 
23. Starburst 
24. Skittles 
25. Lunchables 

Brands like Nickelodeon and McDonald's that delight both kids and tweens across gender garner the highest brand affinity scores and usage. Brands that allow kids to connect with their families also rise to the top.

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Nintendo tops 'Kids' most loved brands list'