Air India's website crashes soon after 'Rs100' fare offer

Air India's website crashed this morning soon after the national carrier announced an offer of tickets priced at Rs100 tickets,following an unprecedented traffic after the airline announced an offer of tickets with base fare of Rs100 (taxes and other charges extra) starting Wednesday, to celebrate the merger of Indian Airlines with ittself.

On Tuesday evening the airline announced Rs 100 fare (excluding fuel surcharge and taxes) in a five-day sale offer to celebrate the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines; but the state-owned airline's website was unable to handle the booking load.

The discounted fare was offered only through the airline's website (See: Air India website crashes after `Rs100' ticket offer).

The airline website has not been functioning since midnight of 27 August, after the airline announced the 'Air India Day' special offer.

The website went down, with a message on the website reading "Service Unavailable". Another link to book tickets on Air India showed a "System Busy" message.

The five-day sale of tickets was to start today (27 August) and close on 31 August, for travel between 27 August and 30 September.

Air India officials said the airline website is hosted by National Informatics Centre and the crash was a result of a NIC server problem, which they said would be sorted out quickly.

However till evening users were unable to open the site, which left customers fuming.

 Air India had announced that tickets under the offer would be sold only through the airline website from 27-31 August for travel from 27 August-30 September.

"Regular fares are available on Global Distribution Systems (GDS), which is used by travel agents,'' a senior executive said.

"Air India will be observing August 27 as Air India Day, the day the erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India were amalgamated into one airline. This is the first time that the airline will be celebrating the Air India Day,'' the airline said in a statement.Airlines carry out discounts to push up forward bookings as typically domestic flights are 30 per cent booked a month before the travel date. Also August-September is the lean season for air travel.

Usually airlines discount tickets 30-60 days from the flight date and price them higher closer to flight dates.

SpiceJet has been carrying out sale every week. Jet Airways announced a sale around Independence Day.