Emirates A-380s not to crowd Indians

Following the publication of the report, Emirates A-380s: Crowds for Indians, luxury for Yanks, we received a clarification from the UAE-based international airlines, saying "Emirates has not yet decided the routes on which it will operate the A380, and the configuration that it will deploy on specific routes.

"Our aircraft mix is flexible and caters to the different requirements of our global network, which currently spans 59 countries in five continents.

"In general, Emirates operates two-class configured aircraft to high-demand routes with slot constraints or frequency restrictions.

"These include over 20 gateways in Europe, Far East, and the Middle East, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, China, and Thailand.

"At present, over 80 per cent of our flights to India are operated in three-class configurations, offering ample premium seating."