Emirates Airline President urges Rolls-Royce to focus on engine performance

30 Nov 2023

In the aftermath of Rolls-Royce's ambitious plan to quadruple profits, the President of Emirates Airline, Tim Clark, has called on the British firm to "go back to basics" and prioritize the performance of its engines.

Airbus A380 gets lifeline as Emirates orders 36 new planes

19 Jan 2018

Emirates is already the world's biggest customer for the A380 with 101 in its fleet and 41 more firm orders previously placed. With the new order, the Dubai-based airline will have commitments for a total of 178 A380s worth $60 billion

Airbus A380 superjumbo set to follow Boeing 747 into the sunset

28 Dec 2017

'If there is no Emirates deal, Airbus will start the process of ending A380 production,' a person briefed on the plans said. A supplier added such a move was logical due to weak demand

Passenger films Emirates staff pouring excess Champagne back in bottle

15 Jul 2017

Emirates cuts US flights by 20 per cent due to drop in demand

20 Apr 2017

Emirates offers ‘handling service’ to sidestep electronics ban

27 Mar 2017

Emirates' new handling service will be offered free to customers travelling to the US from Dubai, allowing them to use their laptops and tablets until just before boarding

Emirates flight from Thiruvananthapuram crash-lands at Dubai airport, all on board safe

03 Aug 2016

Rolls-Royce in record $9.2-bn aircraft engine deal with Emirates

18 Apr 2015

The transaction will give a big boost to the British engine maker struggling to improve its profit margins through performance improvement and restructuring

Boeing in $56-bn deal to sell 150 777X planes to Emirates

09 Jul 2014

Design of the 777X is underway and production is set to begin in 2017, with he first delivery targeted for 2020

Emirates shocks Airbus, Rolls Royce; cancels $16-bn A350 deal

12 Jun 2014

Rolls Royce and Airbus suffered an unexpected reversal as Dubai’s Emirates cancelled a $16-billion order for the A350

Boeing eyes fresh opportunity in Emirates’ interest in 747-8

02 Jun 2014

Emirate follows domestic carriers, offers cut-fare window for foreign travel

20 May 2014

Emirates to showcase Airbus A380 in Hyderabad as India lifts ban

20 Feb 2014

AirAsia, Emirates follow Indian example; slash advance fares

25 Jan 2014

EADS, Emirates sign deal for 50 more A380s

23 Dec 2013

With the latest acquisitions, Emirates Airlines, already the largest operator of the Airbus A380s, will have 140 of the aircraft

Australian watchdog approves Qantas-Emirates tie-up

28 Mar 2013

The regulator considers that the alliance is likely to result in public benefits through enhanced products and service offerings

Emirates airline fined $10 mn by Australia's Federal Court over price-fixing

13 Oct 2012

Qantas withdraws bid for temporary approval of alliance with Emirates Airlines

04 Oct 2012

Virgin Australia raises issues over Qantas - Emirates proposed alliance

24 Sep 2012

Qantas to tango with Emirates, end tie-up with British Airways

06 Sep 2012

Emirates orders 50 Boeing 777-300s in record $18 billion deal

14 Nov 2011

Emirates offers special fares for India’s festive season

19 Sep 2011

Emirates to operate largest wide-body fleet by 2015

16 Sep 2011

EU carbon tax will cost Emirates $1bn over ten years

09 Aug 2011

Emirates maintain top slot as world’s largest international carrier

08 Jun 2011