Vitamin B in mega doses fights Alzhemeir's: British study

According to a breakthrough British study, Vitamin B tablets could help slow and arrest the devastating course of Alzhemeir's Disease in the elderly.

The result has shown that the supplement when taken in large doses can halve the rate of brain shrinkage – a physical symptom associated with memory loss and dementia in the elderly.

The scientists found the effects so dramatic they believe that it can revolutionise the treatment of the disease.

Brain shrinkage or atrophy is a natural process in ageing but is accelerated in people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)- a type of memory loss or forgetfulness – and Alzeimer's.

In a trial conducted by scientists at the University of Oxford, involving 168 people, they found that high doses of three vitamin B supplements daily, reduced brain shrinkage associated with dementia to the extent of 53 per cent.

The say the results were so strong that it would be fit to debate whether the tablets should be prescribed to everyone with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) – half of whom develop Alzheimer's disease.