UK man self-diagnoses cancer on Google after 5 docs fail

27 June 2016

A 60-year-old man who underwent GP surgery that failed to spot his cancer for a year, finally diagnosed it himself using Google.

Five different doctors suspected Kevin Everett's condition variously, as asthma, bronchitis and sleep apnoea during his visits complaining of wheezing and problems with his sinuses.

With his condition steadily worsening, Everett of Hull, East Yorkshire, turned to Google to search for symptoms of his condition - and discovered on the NHS Choices website that he had nasopharyngeal cancer.

Everett will now start intensive radiotherapy and had made an official complaint to the Care Quality Commission about the Calvert Practice in Hull.

Everett said, "I have no faith in GPs any more. I just wonder if they'd picked it up earlier, would I be going through all this now? reported.

"I was told that if it had taken any longer to diagnose, it could have spread further and then it would have been incurable.

"I know diagnosing yourself is not the best thing to do and it must drive the doctors batty.

"But, after a year of getting nowhere, it was the only thing I could do. If it took me 15 minutes to look at NHS Choices, why couldn't they, as trained GPs, find out what was wrong with me."

Everett, a singer in a band, suspected he might have nasopharyngeal neck and head cancer after reading an NHS website.

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