CSIR-CMERI transfers technology to ramp up production of oxygen enrichment unit

CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur on Thursday transferred an oxygen enrichment technology developed by the institute to Rajkot-based Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd and GRID Engineers Pvt Ltd of Gurugram at a virtual function.

Speaking on the occasion, Harish Hirani, director of CSIR-CMERI, the technology will help address the need for better distribution strategies of O2, particularly in the present Covid-19 pandemic scenario. On average, an individual requires 5-20 LPM air containing appropriate percentage of oxygen. The technology developed by CSIR-CMERI provides in-house enrichment of oxygen and offers independence from external parties as well as eliminates the risks and difficulty of handling bulky cylinders. CSIR-CMERI developed OEU can help patients to recover faster, says an institute release.
CSIR-CMERI, Hirani said, has transferred the licence for production, marketing and service to four industries and that he was confident that all the four parties would be able to manufacture the product by the second week of May 2021.
Appreciating the oxygen enrichment technology developed by the institute, GRID Engineers Pvt Ltd managing director Gupta said the technology has great utility in the present scenario. He also assured of overcoming some bottlenecks in importing the required compressors from China and the US. 
He said that initially his company may start manufacturing 25 to 50 pieces per day and trying to speed up the production. CSIR-CMERI suggested to explore the sources from some Ahmedabad based companies also. Gupta said his company would also work on aesthetic appearance and digital functionality of the product for its larger acceptance in the market.  
Managing director of Rajkot-based Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd confirmed that that manufacture of the prototype would negin within a week, followed by the ramping up of production capacity as per the demand as they have their own capability for manufacturing compressor also. He also said that as the requirement is very high at present they would try to manufacture more than 1,000 pieces per day and that they are planning to convert the metal sheet body into plastic body considering the aesthetic, portability and cost aspects. To service the demand in the existing scenario, the companies are working 24x7 to achieve early start of production at the unit.