New website allows users to calculate the number of hours they have slept

A new website allows users to calculate how many hours they had slept in their entire life and how many of those were dedicated to dreaming about sex, food,  work, emotions and even falling.

The online calculator has been created by Hillarys, a creator of blinds, curtains and shutters retailer, created the online calculator.

Users type their age in the calculator, My Life Asleep, and it estimates how long they had spent dreaming, how many calories they burnt during all that rest and what dreams occupied their thoughts during the night.

For example, when people entered their age as 35 the website showed that they had snoozed for 12 years, 610 weeks and 102,442 hours.

Out of the total amount of hours, 1,170 were taken up by thoughts about getting hot under the covers, while 732 hours were centred around eating.

However, most of users' shut-eye time appeared to be spent devoted to dreaming about friends and family, so if one was 35 one's nearest and dearest one's would have been present in one's dreams for 7,608 hours.

The calculator also tells users what they could have achieved in that time if they were not dreaming about being chased, falling, and having sex.

For instance, instead of being asleep for 10 years, a 25-year-old could have built the Golden Gate bridge and the Eiffel Tower and travelled to Saturn by now.

The tool takes into account the average hours of sleep across a lifespan, the calories burnt while sleeping, a content analysis of dreams and information about the length of dreams.