Convert science into technology fast, urges C N R Rao

Eminent scientist C N R Rao said that India has to fast learn how to convert discoveries made in laboratories into usable technology.

While speaking at the inauguration of the eighth edition of the Bangalore India Nano event, he said, "Taking a simple discovery in the laboratory to a viable technology needs to be done fast.'' He added that nanotechnology is one area where the gap between discovery and creating a product is very small.

"In most other areas like traditional pharmaceutical industry, you may discover a molecule today and by the time that molecule becomes a medicine it may be more than a decade and a half, but that is not the case in this area," he said.

The 8th edition of Bangalore India Nano, with 600 delegates participating, will address the latest trends in nanotechnology covering healthcare, clean water, energy, manufacturing, research industry collaboration among others.

Rao also urged youngsters to take things seriously, produce technologies and new science.

Karnataka Science and Technology Minister S R Patil said that the government will continue to create conducive ecosystem for investments, human resource development, research initiatives and innovation along with development of physical infrastructure to enable companies to set up nanotech business and commercialisation activities.