Bury terrorists face down in pig excreta: Tripura governor

Tripura governor Tathagata Roy today made yet another controversial statement when he suggested that bodies of dead terrorists be deprived of 'honourable' burial and should instead be wrapped in pigskin and their faces should be buries in pig excreta before they are buried.

Such treatment should be a deterrent to dastardly attacks by Pakistani terrorists, Roy said and he tweeted on Monday, ''I seriously suggest Russian treatment to terrorists' carcasses. Wrap them in pigskin, bury them face down in pig excreta. No chance of Houris.''

He cited his earlier tweets, in which he had written, ''General Pershing put 50 Islamist Moro rebels in Philippines before a firing squad and shot 49 of them with bullets dipped in pig blood.''

''The Russians, following Gen Pershing's logic, are reportedly burying Chechen rebels in pigskin with face down,'' he tweeted.

However, his remarks as usual drew flak from many on the social networking site.

Later, Roy tweeted, ''Abuses pour in against my tweet about Russian treatment to suicide jihadis. Message is clear: PLEASE don't do this, it'll be end of suicide attacks."