UK inventor Sir James Dyson's son develops lamps that lasts for 37 years

Son of reknowned British inventor, Sir James Dyson, has developed a range of LED desk lamps that, he says, would last for 37 years.

In a number of conventional lights, the LEDs are not protected from heat, which could degrade their phosphorous coating and degrade brightness and colour.

Sir James Dyson's son Jake and his CSYS lamp  

Jake Dyson's CSYS lamp, which carries a price tag of £399, uses heat pipe technology to draw heat away from the LEDs, using technology typically used in satellites. The heat is then  dissipated through an aluminium "heat sink", forming the horizontal arm of the lamp.

The process ensures that the LEDs produce 'warm, white light' for more than 160,000 hours of continual use or 37 years based on 12 hours continual use per day at full brightness – according to Jake Dyson.

The news comes after Sir James Dyson bought his son's lighting business last year. The move was seen as setting the stage for Jake, who along with younger brother Sam, had been a non-executive board director at Dyson for two years, taking over the family business.

According to Sir James, founder of the business set up in 1993, the acquisition of Jake Dyson Products was one that Dyson's board unanimously agreed upon.

Each light in the CSYS range comes with a rather unusual design, with a horizontal arm containing the light and also functioning as a heat well for dissipation of the heat away from the LED.

Additionally the arm allowed greater freedom in the position of the light, allowing it to be moved up and down, in and out and rotated, even as the light remained static.

The LEDs positioned in conical cones, help ensure the evenness of the light output with no need for diffusers.

According to Dyson who had a passion for the product, he was not interested in selling lights that lasted for seven years, he wanted to sell lights that lasted for 40 years, reported. He said he respected the technology and wanted to do the best thing by it.

CSYS range being offered by the company has three products, the CSYS Task and Clamp cost £399, while the floor-standing Tall lamp carried a price tag of £599. Each comes with a dimmer that lasts for 160,000 hours.