Obama to join Modi for 'Mann ki Baat' radio chat on Tuesday

US President Barak Obama has agreed to join Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his monthly Mann ki Baat talk on All India Radio on 27 January as a special guest.

Since coming to power, Modi has hosted three such radio shows beginning in October, using the medium of communication that still has a wide reach, particularly in rural India which barely has electricity, let alone TV.

"This month's 'Mann Ki Baat' episode will be a special one, where our Republic Day guest @BarackObama & I will share our thoughts together," Modi said on Twitter today.

"I am eagerly looking forward to the special 'Mann Ki Baat' programme with President @BarackObama, which will be aired on 27th January."

Modi's high-octane communication strategy sometimes evokes comparison with Obama, who also makes a weekly radio address from the White House.

There is, however, a difference. While Modi's radio talk has been a hit in terms of audience, Obama's has faded into relative irrelevance, according to US media analysts.

Modi and Obama, who had co-authored an editorial piece in the Washington Post ahead of the Indian PM's visit to the US last October, will take pre-arranged audience questions.

"'Mann Ki Baat' with President @BarackObama will not be complete without your participation! Send your Qs till the 25th, using #AskObamaModi," the Prime Minister said.

He said questions could also be posted on mygov.in, the PM's website for interactive governance.