"I did my best to run open government", Manmohan says in parting statement

Dr Manmohan Singh ceased to be the Prime Minister of India today as after a brief cabinet meeting, he submitted the resignation of his cabinet to the President of India as per protocol.

Subsequently in a farewell speech to the nation, Singh said he had tried to do his best to serve the country, and his tenure of 10 years was an "open book", even as he wished the incoming government success.

He said that during his tenure, India saw many achievements "that we should be proud of", and that the country had become far ''stronger'' in last one decade – though he failed to specify what stronger meant. He added that India still has vast development potential.

"I address you today for the last time as Prime Minister of India. Ten years ago, when I was entrusted with this responsibility, I entered upon it with diligence as my tool, truth as my beacon and a prayer that I might always do the right thing," Singh said in his brief address.

"Today, as I prepare to lay down office, I am aware that well before the final judgment that we all await from the Almighty, there is judgment in the court of public opinion that all elected officials and governments are required to submit themselves to.

"Fellow citizens, each one of us should respect the judgement that you have delivered. The just concluded elections have deepened the foundations of our democratic polity," he said.

While muted, his statement was more generous to the victors than those of his party bosses Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, who carefully avoided any reference to the winning alliance.

(See full text: Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's farewell address to the Nation)