Antivirus pioneer, arrested by Guatemalan police

US anti-virus software pioneer, John McAfee was arrested by the Guatemalan police yesterday for illegally entry the country. He was wanted in Belize for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbour. Only hours earlier, he had sought asylum in the country after leaving Belize where, he claimed, the local officials had persecuted him.

The Associated Press reported that with the help of Interpol agents, McAfee was taken into custody at a hotel in a posh part of Guatemala City and was later taken to a building that housed migrants who had entered illegally.

MacAffee though, found time to pen a personal blog detailing his exploits, including the many disguises he donned and claims of government corruption, though it was not clear hows much of the self-proclaimed prankster's accounts were true.

It was not clear how McAfee and his entourage  -- consisting of two writers from Vice magazine and a 20-year-old girlfriend could enter Guatemala, but according to one of the writers who quoted McAfee, they had passports, but had no entry stamps into Guatemala or exit stamps from Belize.

Before his arrest, he told ABC News in an exclusive interview he would be seeking asylum in Guatemala. However, he added he had not ruled out moving back to the US, where he made his fortune with his anti-virus software.

McAfee has been on the run from the Belize police since the 10 November murder of his neighbour, fellow American expatriate Greg Faull. During his three-week journey he said he disguised himself as a handicapped, dyed his hair seven times and hid in many different places during his three-week journey.