Funds pour in for Kejriwal's AAP

Funds seem to be already pouring in for the new Aam Admi Party headed by Arvind Kejriwal, almost reflecting the way Barak Obama collected sufficient funds from the average American to fight and win the presidential election.

The AAP collected more than Rs1.10 crore on Monday, the very first day of the party's launch, with former law minister Shanti Bhushan alone donating Rs1 crore.

Day one also saw supporters pitching in to keep the machinery running with collection of over Rs1.6 lakh. Besides, many people across the country requested the AAP to open party offices in their states.

"Rahul from Toronto has offered space owned by him to open a party office. A similar request was made by a farmer in Odisha, who is ready to give up a considerable chunk of land so that we can open a party office," a member of the party reportedly said. Party leaders said they had received at least 300 requests from various parts of the country asking them to open offices on land owned by them.