Nokia imaging head Damian Dinning quits to join Tata's Jaguar Land Rover

Nokia's imaging head Damian Dinning is leaving after a 9-year stint and will now join Tata's Jaguar Land Rover to work on the connected car concept.

Dinning said since most of Nokia's key positions have moved to Finland, as part of the phonemakers' effort to concentrate operations, he had to choose between relocating and shifting job.

''My family and I are based in the UK at a stage in our lives where relocation is unfortunately not an option. I have therefore made the tremendously difficult decision after nearly 9 years with Nokia to leave the company,'' Dinning said on Nokia's imaging fan site

''I am hugely proud of the work I have been involved with during my time at Nokia and feel privileged to have worked with some of the smartest people I've ever been fortunate enough to meet,'' he wrote.

Dinning said while he was proud of his contributions and his forward-looking guidance of Nokia teams, there were a lot of unsung heroes!

Nokia also issued a similar statement regarding Dinning's forthcoming departure.