Y P Singh accuses Pawars of graft, slams Kejriwal

Former Indian Police Service officer Y P Singh, now a social activist and lawyer, today accused union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar of being at the centre of the irrigation scam in Maharashtra as well as bending rules to allow the Lavasa township to come up near Pune.

Singh also slammed India Against Corruption (IAC) leader Arvind Kejriwal for his selective exposures against politicians, and alleged that he did not reveal all the information pertaining to the scam that they had both worked to expose.

"Kejriwal and IAC had all information pertaining to the irrigation scam in Maharashtra but Kejriwal did not reveal all the facts. He has been selective in his revelations," he told the media in Mumbai.

Singh said Kejriwal had asked him for documents pertaining to the matter in the name of IAC, and he had provided these. But Kejriwal did not make them public, instead using the documents for political advancement.

"In the name of IAC / NGO Kejriwal got legal documentation done by me for central ministers. But he used them for his political career," he said.

He said Sharad Pawar's nephew Ajit Pawar, Maharashtra's deputy chief minister till he resigned recently in the face of accusations related to the irrigation scam, gave away land to Lavasa project at throwaway price and against Supreme Court orders.