Anand Mahindra gifts $10 million to Harvard University's Humanities Centre

Anand Mahindra, managing director and vice-chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra, has announced a $10 million gift to support the Humanities Centre at the Harvard University, his alma mater.

The funding is the largest ever offering for the humanities study in Harvard and the university has renamed the centre as Mahindra Humanities Centre at Harvard.
The center will provide platforms for debate across various interdisciplinry fields and focus on improving the alliances of humanities and social sciences.
"The funds will advance interdisciplinary exchanges among Harvard faculty, faculty from other area institutions, graduate students, undergraduates, and the public. It will sponsor a wide range of panel discussions, lectures, readings, conferences, performances, workshops, and seminars, as well as graduate and postdoctoral fellowships", a company statement said.

The Humanities Center at Harvard University offers postdoctoral fellowship programmes. It awards fellowships to support projects that share the Center's commitment to interdisciplinarity and internationalism. The center caters to all fields within the humanities and the allied social sciences.