Mudra appoints Jude Fernandes as CEO, Sandeep Vij as CEO DDB Mudra group

Jude Fernandes will be the new CEO of Mudra Advertising and Sandeep Vij will be CEO of and DDB Mudra Group.

Fernandes will handle the responsibilities for Mudra West (Mumbai), Mudra North and East (Delhi and Kolkata) and Mudra South (Chennai, Bangalore and Kochi), along with Water and Maatra.

The structure has been put in place to drive the future of the group, where in DDB Mudra too is set to become a stronger brand.

Vij as CEO of DDB Mudra Group will handle responsibilities for DDB Mudra, Rapp India, Tribal DDB India and Mudra Health & Lifestyle. Vij will also continue as the chief knowledge officer of the group as well.