John Flannery to take chrge as president and CEO, GE India

John Flannery New Delhi: General Electric chairman and CEO, Jeff Immelt, today announced the appointment of John Flannery as president and CEO of GE's business operations in India.

Flannery, 47, will oversee GE's new approach to India, which will consolidate all businesses into one team with an integrated strategy. This team will help GE grow in India through local partnerships, technology leadership and strategic investments. Flannery has been named a senior vice president of GE.

''We will create a 'one GE' approach in India that will bring the totality of GE's offerings to customers, partners, governments and employees,'' Immelt said. ''It is time for GE to become a truly great local company in India and John is the right person to lead our team of 12,000 employees there. He has extensive experience in building partnerships, structuring deals and in developing strong leaders and teams.''

Traditionally, GE's business leaders in countries like India report to their respective GE business. Under GE's new model in India, all GE's business leaders in the country will report directly to Flannery, who will report to GE vice chairman John Krenicki.

Since 2005, Flannery has built a similar model for GE Capital across Asia. As president and CEO for the region, Flannery oversaw all of GE's financial services businesses. Decision-making authority was localized under Flannery and it led to significant growth for the business in the region.

Flannery is a 22-year veteran of GE and previously held a series of sales leadership and finance roles in GE Capital. He earned a bachelor's degree in finance from Fairfield University and a master's degree in finance from the University of Pennsylvania.