BCG outlines six factors that drive reorganisation success

A new study shows companies can reverse the odds to achieve successful reorganisation. According to a new report from The Boston Consulting Group, six critical factors can make the difference in reorganisation success.

Rapid change requires companies to reorganise more frequently, more fundamentally, and faster than ever before. Yet the odds of failure are high.

The good news is that companies needn't resign themselves to the statistics. By incorporating six factors into their approach, they can reverse the odds and achieve reorganisation success.

The new report by BCG, Organisation of the Future - Designed to Win: Flipping the Odds for Successful Reorganization, describes these six critical success factors in detail, offering practical strategies for incorporating them into a reorganisation effort.

The report is part of a broader study by BCG and 12 global partners on the role of organisational capabilities in business success. The study was based on a survey of approximately 1,600 executives from more than 35 countries.

The six critical success factors that BCG has distilled - some tried and true, others perhaps less well known - represent a mix of behavioural, design, and process capabilities.