The Great Lakes Institute of Management renews its overseas alliance

Chennai: The Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), that will soon become operational has renewed its strategic academic alliance with Stuart Graduate School of Business, IIionis Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago.

Based in Chennia, GLIM with its international strategic partnership with a premier global business school seeks to be different from the conventional business schools in India by making its students "Masters of Business Readiness" when they complete the one-year fast track programme.

The institution, a brain-child of management guru the US-based Dr Bala V. Balachandran, also aims to fill the vacuum for a top- flight business school in Tamil Nadu and put it on par with the three other southern States that boast of top-rung management institutions — Indian Institutes of Management in Bangalore and Kozhikode and Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

According to Dr.Narasimhan, deputy dean and president GLIM, there is a need for more current and innovative management that blends the best practices and experience of the West and the great values and ethos of the East especially India. This dynamic combination will bear fruits only if our current generation of business leaders recognise them early (Money Value of Time) and nurture and grow them to maturity and perpetuity (Time Value of Money).

Continuing further he said, "GLIM's focus is on Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok. Due to the exchange philosophy, American students of IIT, Chicago will be coming to Chennai. Our alliance partner has committed to send faculty of six or so ".

Normally students opting for MBA courses specialise in branches such as finance, marketing, human resources, etc. But in GLIM, the students would be provided with equal exposure to all the subjects and the focus would be on aligning each student to different industry verticals like manufacturing, technology fusion, entrepreneurial and family business, health care and hospitality, banking, financial services and insurance and others.