Government plans to create $15-bn 'internet of things' industry in six years

The Indian government is working on an ambitious plan to create a $15 billion 'Internet of Things' industry in the next six years, PTI reported.

Internet of Things, or IoT, can be said to be a network of inter-connected devices that could be accessed through the internet.

Street lights, for instance would be automatically operated, going off when they sensed no traffic on the roads, saving power.

The IoT would be capable of connecting manufacturing facilities, energy grids, healthcare infrastructure, transportation systems and more to the internet or a specific network, MobileTor reported.

It would be an environment in which data was gathered from multiple sources such as PCs, phones, automobiles, traffic lights, social media or online retail sites, and then harvested for useful purposes.

Enabling the functioning of context-aware devices, processes, services, sensors, machines and so on, the IoT would have the capability to help improve efficiency, safety and security in every aspect of our lives.

Setting up such a system would as a first step involve transforming networks on proprietary protocols to those based on Internet Protocol (IP).

The technology, however should not be confused with machine-to-machine communications such as automatic Bluetooth connectivity between one's headset and phone.

A smart thermostat that managed one's home's heating or air conditioning system could be called an IoT device if it allowed the user to set a schedule with regards to temperature control and to command it over a web-connected device like a phone.