announces new social media platform for medical professionals

ToubibIn, a knowledge-sharing website for medical professionals, has announced the launch of its collaborative internet platform exclusively for registered doctors which allows them to learn, discuss and share medical knowledge.

According to a press release from the company, the new services aims to bridge the specialisation barriers.

''A knowledge-intensive field, medicine has been increasingly witnessing specialisation, complexity and tendency to compartmentalise knowledge. Failure to share knowledge challenges the fundamental role of the medical community – saving lives, patient care and research. bridges this knowledge divide by leveraging technology to bring together doctors across specialisation and experience for active collaboration,'' said the release.
The word 'toubib' in French means doctor. The sites allows doctors free registration and the facilities include discussion groups, case uploads, surveys, discussion of treatments and expert advice from peers globally.
''Doctors today are expected to remain updated with latest  techniques, understand quickly and thoroughly finer nuances of medicine treatment; which would otherwise take years of experience and studies to acquire,'' said Nicky Tejwaney, founder, ToubibIn.

''Given this, need for the medical community to network and synergize has never been greater. ToubibIn offers doctors a specialised professional network that is not only secure but also simple yet powerful,'' Tejwaney added.

Dr Sattyajeet Naik, consulting orthopedic surgeon registered on ToubibIn, said, ''Technology and the Internet have brought about a paradigm shift in the way the medical community deals with information. Internet platforms such as ToubibIn expedite knowledge sharing and learning, resulting in better treatment for patients. Besides connecting with peers, such forums serve as an effective education tool especially for next generation of physicians.''
ToubibIn uses social media tools to supplement doctors with the right dosage of information from the right sources.