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Mr Darling Regrets

By Andrew Kellett | 23 Nov 2007

The loss of two discs containing personal data on 25 million Britons by the UK's revenue and customs service showcases the vulnerabilities of government and security systems, which are leveraged as opportunities by cyber criminals, and serve as the starting point for many a case of identity fraud … By Andrew Kellett, senior research analyst, Butler Group

Oracle stops hinting and goes for BEA''s jugular

19 Oct 2007

Now might be a better time for BEA to seek a friendly acquisition by a vendor that is looking for something more positive than to simply trash the competition, says Rob Hailstone, Butler Group

Is your company ready for the iphone?

By | 31 Aug 2007

Mark Blowers, senior research analyst, Butler Group, says organisations must ensure that mobile devices are managed as capably as other assets.

Safety basics of online banking

17 Jul 2007

Growing popularity of online banking has also brought in growing threats for users, says Raj Jain, vice chairman and managing director, RS Software.

Secure yourself against fraud while e-shopping

By | 10 Jul 2007

Srikiran Raghavan, regional sales head, RSA, the security division of EMC, provides some useful tips to prevent misuse of your credit information while on the web.

Go slow to go fast

11 May 2007

Keeping the CFO, business users, and IT organisations smiling while building a high value business intelligence environment. By Dennis Samuel, Teradata division, NCR Corporation.

Artificial Intelligence enters the mainstream

30 Apr 2007

AI has added a new dimension to enterprise applications, helping organisations quickly adapt to changing business requirements as well as direction of market movement and actions of competitors. By Dr Kaustubh Chokshi*, CEO of UK-based Intelligent Business Systems.

Forecasting tourism demand

28 Mar 2007

With the use of neural network based models, tourism demand forecasting softwares provide ongoing, dynamic and adaptive information management. By Dr Kaustubh Chokshi, CEO of UK-based Intelligent Business Systems.

Technical support: The tail end of the technology lifecycle or the beginning?

16 Mar 2007

The quest for customer loyalty finds an ally in AI

24 Feb 2007

Every marketer's dream of attracting customers with unflinchingly loyalty comes true… with artificial intelligence, says Dr Kaustubh Chokshi, CEO of UK-based Intelligent Business Systems

Combating money laundering with IT

06 Feb 2007

Software that learns from experience

16 Jan 2007

Artificial intelligence and the art of keeping the customer satisfied

30 Dec 2006

Butler predicts tech trends for 2007

19 Dec 2006

Meaning-based computing: A broad church

04 Sep 2006

A karmayogi and a technocrat

30 Aug 2006

Filtering the virus

23 Aug 2006

Let the mobile pay

By | 21 Jul 2006

End of Ramrajya @ Sify

By Venkatachari Jagannathan | 21 Jul 2006

Jamming the spammers

15 Jul 2006

Tech results: Can others do an Infy?

By | 12 Jul 2006

Sustaining the competitive edge in offshoring

23 Jun 2006

A new broom to sweep Microsoft's cobwebs

By Richard Edwards * | 17 Jun 2006

Small is beautiful: ERP for SMEs

01 Jun 2006

The third dimension

18 May 2006

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