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Indian terrorists using Edward Snowden's methods to evade surveillance

11 April 2016

Terrorist operative groups active in India are using the method adopted by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden to evade surveillance, according to a report.

Suspected terrorists rely on the Signal app to communicate with their contacts, as Snowden did once he left the US with classified information related to global surveillance programmes of the National Security Agency, according to The Times of India.

Since WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are strictly monitored by security agencies, terrorist groups keep looking out for less popular encrypted applications like Telegram, Signal or even get into developing secret communication applications.

Signal is Open Whisper Systems' messaging app. It works on Android operating systems and can be used on a mobile device or desktop. Every conversation is encrypted from end to end and there are no ads. It doesn't support logins from iOS devices.

You can send text, audio, images and video as with most other apps, but the desktop app still needs some work. There's no way to create a group you'll need your Android app to do that.


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