RIM's PlayBook to retail from 19 April news
24 March 2011

The BlackBerry PlayBook would be on sale from 19 April  at a base price of $499, the same as an iPad 2.

However, analysts say the success or failure of the BlackBerry tablet, which would be sold at a base price of $499, would be more likely to be determined by corporates and government bulk orders at a discounted price rather than retailers like Best Buy, Staples, RaidoShack, etc.

The PlayBook would be the first tablet in direct price-competition with Apple's offering and by way of comparison both the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab cost more than the iPad 2.

Hewlett-Packard, which also plans to sell its TouchPad tablet to corporations, has not yet come out with a price announcement for the device.

While Best Buy started accepting advance orders for the PlayBook on its web site on Tuesday, the primary buyers of the PlayBook are not likely to pay by retail.

According to analysts, RIM has been carefully cultivating relationships with information technology departments within corporations and governments.

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RIM's PlayBook to retail from 19 April