India's urban tele-density crosses 100 per cent mark news
12 December 2009

The rural tele-density in the country stands at 18.97 per cent as compared to the urban-teledensity of 101.38 per cent as on 30 September. The country's overall tele-density is 44.87 per cent as on 31 October this year as against global tele-density of 78.11 per cent on 31 December 2008 (last available).

The figures were given by Gurdas Kamat, minister of state for communications and information technology in the Lok Sabha.

With this towns, cities and metros all of which are classified as 'urban', by the government now have as many mobile connections as their population.

In March 2008, the urban teledensity stood at 60 per cent, which jumped to over 85 per cent in March 2009 and has now crossed the 100 per cent mark.

The fierce price war in the telecom space in the past couple of months has seen tariffs plunge to an all time low- at even half paise per second, resulting in a record growth of 15 million plus customers signing up for mobile connections every month.

Urban users make up are 70 per cent of India's 500 million cellular customer base and account for 75 per cent of the telecom operators' revenues.

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India's urban tele-density crosses 100 per cent mark