EU demands higher safety standards for nuclear reactors news
05 October 2012

The European Commission, executive arm of the European Union, yesterday revealed the results of the stress tests conducted on nuclear power plants in Europe with a general conclusion that the reactors conform to high safety standards but recommended further improvements in safety features of almost all of them.

The tests have established that not all safety standards according to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and not all best international practices are applied in all the member nations, the commission said in a statement.

Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said, "The stress tests have revealed where we are good at and where we need to improve. The tests were serious, and they were a success. Generally, the situation is satisfactory but there is no room for complacency.''

''All authorities involved must work to ensure that the highest safety standards are in force in every single nuclear power plant in Europe. For the safety of our citizens," Oettinger further stated.

According to some estimates, the improvements would cost up to 25 billion ($32.5 billion).

The stress tests on EU nuclear power plants were initiated following the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe in Japan in March 2011, in order to assess the safety and robustness of nuclear reactors in case of extreme natural events.

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EU demands higher safety standards for nuclear reactors