Explosion, fire hit Germany's Vohburg refinery

A major explosion and fire at the Vohburg refinery in Bavaria state in south Germany early today left several people injured, with some needing to be hospitalised. 

Firefighters have reportedly brought the situation under control by midday, police said.
A spokesman for the Upper Bavaria North police in Ingolstadt said more than 1,800 people have been evacuated from the area.
The exact cause of the explosion and the fire that hit the 120,000 barrels per day (bpd) Vohburg refinery is yet tio be known, police sources said, adding that update on the causes and impact on production or financial damage will be known at a later stage.
Residents in the area were asked to keep doors and windows shut.
Vohburg refinery located in the town of Vohburg on the Danube River, 18 kilometers east of Ingolstadt, is part of the Bayernoil refinery complex, which has two sites at Vohburg and Neustadt with an overall capacity of 210,000 bpd.
The fire started after the explosion at around 5:15 am (local time) police said, adding that at least eight employees were injured and three were hospitalised, some with serious injuries.
Air tests later showed it was safe for people to return to their homes.
A number of fire brigades, rescue services and technical relief organizations were deployed, and more than 200 firefighters were at the scene.
Ambulance staff attending to patients in Ingolstadt, police said.
Local newspaper reports said a number of small explosions were heard after the initial blast, and the sound could be heard several kilometers away.
Police said initial findings showed there is currently no danger for local residents, but recommended people within 20 kilometers of the site keep their windows and doors closed.
Authorities said the area would be cordoned off to prevent onlookers from getting too close to the scene and to minimize any danger.
Bayernoil has been operating the oil refinery in Vohburg since 1967.