Petrol costlier in India than in neighbouring countries

Petrol is cheaper in neighbouring Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and even the United States compared to its prices in India. Petrol prices in Nepal, however, are high since that country imports all of its petrol from India.

Petrol also costs less in United States compared to its prices in India. However, its prices are lower in India compared to Europe.

Petrol in the US costs around Rs50.44 a litre, much lower than the least-cost petrol sold in New Delhi, which costs Rs68.46 per litre.

Diesel prices, however, are lower in India because of the subsidy the government pays in order to rein in prices.

Petrol in New Delhi, the national capital, is priced at Rs68.46 per litre against its price of Rs53.32 a litre in Pakistan, Rs61.56 in Sri Lanka and Rs62.25 in Bangladesh.

Only in Nepal, petrol costs higher at Rs74.77 per litre, minister of state for petroleum and natural gas R P N Singh said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.