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Patent Bill to be introduced next week news
Our Corporate Bureau
17 March 2005

New Delhi: The central government has said that it was hopeful of introducing the Patents (amendment) Bill next week in Parliament. The move comes even as it is looking for support from either its alliance partners or the main opposition, the BJP.

Pointing that the legislation was to fulfil the country's WTO obligations, minister for trade and commerce, Kamal Nath said not meeting them could have implications for India, such as sanctions. The government has said that it was open to suggestions from all and that they would be meeting BJP leaders later in the day and Left Parties representatives tomorrow.

Government had introduced the product patent regime by promulgating an ordinance on December 30. It now has to be introduced in current session of Parliament before it breaks for recess on March 24 to prevent it from lapsing.

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Patent Bill to be introduced next week