Cow-Girl comes to town: Wrangler targets Indian women for its Wrangler Girl brand

US based denim brand Wrangler has its sights set squarely on launching an India-specific women''s sub-brand, Wrangler Girl.

Since its launch in India at the turn of the millennium, Wrangler has worn an urbane, sophisticated look, targeting the well-to-do yuppie segment. Its women''s wear line was an extension of the core brand, built by the same design team that encompassed denim bottoms, non-denim bottoms, shirts, T-shirts, jackets and accessories.

However, women have made their presence felt for the brand - from a contribution of about three per cent in 2002, 18 per cent of wrangler''s contributions come from the women''s line, making the company take notice of the changing trend that demanded a strategy for itself.

The quintessentially male image of Wrangler is set to adapt to modern times, with the cowboy''s macho appeal set to get a partner in the cow-girl sub-brand, Wrangler Girl.

The US market does have a women''s sub-brand going by the name of Wrangler Aura, targeted at slightly older women. However, for India, the company reportedly wants to synergise the existing brand''s core by not positioning the new line as "too feminine", while still making room for the Wrangler Girl to have its own design team. Trims, laces and embellishments could well be utilised to modify the look, on a fabric that would have a more feminine feel.

The company is planning to position Wrangler Girl in the premium category, in the Rs1,200 to Rs3,000 range, and plans to hike up contribution of the women''s wear range under Wrangler Girl to 25 per cent by the end of 2007.