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India-made steel invites protest in Obama's home state news
08 April 2009

Hundreds of steel workers in US on Tuesday joined a protest rally against the use of India-made steel for an oil pipeline project in Illinois, the home state of President Barack Obama.

The United Steel Workers organised a rally of nearly 1,000 protesters yesterday demanding that the 'Buy American' policy be implemented for the US projects, including the 2,000-mile Canada-US oil pipeline.

The protest comes after the board of the local county unanimously passed a resolution at its regular meeting declaring that federal funds be used to promote goods and services made or performed by American citizens and companies.

"This Board commits to purchasing only products and services that are made or performed in the United States of America whenever and wherever possible with any economic recovery monies provided to Marion County by the American taxpayers," read part of the Marion County Board of Commissioners' resolution.

While there have been protests against the use of Chinese products in the US in the recent past, this is the first time that an Indian product has been targeted.

Protesters carried banners of 'Buy American' and 'Rebuild American Manufacturing' at the rally, held in the backdrop of a huge pile of steel pipes with 'Made in India' marks.

The protesters called for an overhaul of state policy that has led to the dismantling of industrial base of in America and the loss of millions of jobs.

The protests come hardly a week after the US joined the G-20 declaration to "name and shame" the countries resorting to protectionism.

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India-made steel invites protest in Obama's home state