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Asda gives away trolleys of free veg left over from Christmas

01 January 2018

An Asda supermarket in Wales is giving away free food to prevent it from going to waste.

Shoppers at the store in Barry were offered bags of carrots, broccoli, sprouts and parsnips, which were on sale in the lead up to Christmas but remained unsold.

An Asda spokesperson told the BBC on Saturday, ''We didn't want to see the final bags of veg in our Barry store go to waste.

''So took the decision to give them away. We hope they were enjoyed.''

Locals and social media users were thrilled with the offer, and gave the store a thumps-up for ensuring the food did not go waste.

According to Asda, its stores around Wales, could have taken similar action, although it was at the discretion of each shop.

According to commentators, it is understood that Asda stores throughout the country have been told they could give away food for free but it is upto the discretion of supermarket managers.

A spokesman for Asda said, "After making sure our customers got great value on their Christmas dinner, we didn't want to see the final bags of veg in our Barry store go to waste and so took the decision to give them away."

One shopper, told Wales Online: "I was pleased to see Asda being proactive in offering free veg rather than just throwing it away."

"It is too easy for large companies to just throw this food and not think of the wider consequences, especially with so many people visiting food banks.

"It obviously resonated with me more as so many of us overindulge at this time of year.

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