LyondellBasell launches new PP resin for rainwater harvesting

LyondellBasell Industries has launched `Hostalen' - a new polypropylene (PP) resin that meets customer requirements for innovative stormwater management systems.

"Hostalen PP N2122 is a new, natural PP copolymer used in injection-molded rainwater regulating devices for channel drainage and total sewer systems," the company said in a release.

Compared with standard resins in the market, the Hostalen PP N2122 resin offers an exceptional balance of mechanical properties, including a higher melt flow rate (MFR), very low creep performance and long service life, according to the company.

Additionally, the Hostalen PP grade is impact-resistant at sub-zero temperatures and has high oxidation resistance, it said.

LyondellBasell said the new PP resin has been extensively used in Wavin Q-Bic stormwater management systems.

Wavin Q-Bic is an underground storage system for infiltration and containment of rainwater. It has an intelligent design that allows inspectability, cleanability and integral shaft.