Protestors clash with security forces over copper mine expansion in Myanmar

Dozens of local farmers and monks protesting the expansion of a copper mine sustained injuries and burns today in Monya town of Myanmar in clashes with security forces today. Security forces used water canons and "flare guns" against the protestors.

The protests against Letpadaung copper mine had started in June with the agitators setting up protest camps, which were set on fire, causing burn injuries to dozens.

According to BBC reports, the activists said that they were protesting against ''forced land evictions'' as they had been coerced into signing a deal for the expansion of the mine two years ago.

Under the deal, they were to have received new housing and financial compensation for parting with their lands.

Earlier this week the government directed the protestors to evacuate the mine or face legal action. The Myanmar government is seeking foreign investments  but the violent crackdown by the police on peaceful mine protesters might make investments that much more difficult to come by.

Letpadaung copper mine jointly owned by Myanmar's military and a Chinese firm is the largest copper mine in Burma.