India's mineral production down 3.36 per cent in August

The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic and minor minerals) in the country during August 2011 stood at Rs13,378 crore , showing a negative growth of (-) 3.36 per cent year-on-year.

The index of mineral production for the mining and quarrying sector in August 2011 was lower by 5.99 per cent compared to that of the preceding month.

The contribution of petroleum (crude) was the highest at 41 per cent (Rs5,432 crore) while coal contributed Rs2,264 crore, iron ore Rs3,143 crore, natural gas Rs1,242 crore, lignite Rs309 crore and limestone Rs269 crore.

The six minerals together contributed about 95 per cent of the total value of mineral production in August 2011.

Production level of important minerals in August 2011 were: coal 32.7 million tonnes, lignite 2.5 million tonnes, natural gas (utilised) 3,993 million cu m, petroleum (crude) 3.2 million tonnes, bauxite 9.12 million tonnes, chromite 2.62 million tonnes, copper concentrate 12,0000 tonnes, gold 189 kg, iron ore 15 million tonnes, lead concentrate 15,000 tonnes, manganese ore 1.83 million tonnes, zinc concentrate 1.26 million tonnes, apatite and phosphorite 2.01 million tonnes, dolomite 4.3 million tonnes, limestone 1.97 million tonnes, magnesite 17,000 tonnes and diamond 1,728 carat.

During August 2011, the output of dolomite increased by 9.70 per cent, apatite and phosphorite 8.37 per cent, lead concentrate 7.93 per cent, bauxite 1.52 per cent and zinc concentrate 0.86 per cent. However, the production of petroleum (crude) decreased by 0.92 per cent, natural gas (utilised) 1.29 per cent, copper concentrate 2.61 per cent, lignite 2.85 per cent, limestone 2.95 per cent, iron ore 4.16 per cent, manganese ore 11.15 per cent, magnesite 11.41 per cent, gold 14.09 per cent, coal 15.98 per cent, chromite 17.90 per cent and diamond 37.66 per cent.