Three schools in NCR's Noida shut over coronavirus threat

A leading public school in Noida in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi has declared holiday for three days after it was found that the child of a confirmed coronavirus patient is a student of the school. 

Two neighbouring schools have also reported to have decided to close for three days following the finding.
The school authorities apparently have closed the school after it was confirmed that the son of the newly confirmed coronavirus patient in Delhi was a student of the school. 
Annual examinations have also been postponed till schools reopen, reports said.
As per circulars issued by the schools, there will b no classes or exams till 9 March, and the examinations are expected to start after the schools reopen. The schools will issue updates later. 
The names of the schools have been withheld to avoid panic. Parents would receive official notice from their respective schools. 
A patient in Delhi was confirmed positive with Coronavirus or COVID 19 yesterday. Allegedly, the son of the infected person was identified as a student of the school in question. 
It may be noted that only one school in the district has declared holiday.
The school has sent out a circular that reads, “Due to certain unavoidable circumstances we will be postponing the exams scheduled for today. The new dates will be communicated shortly. The Board exams will continue as normal. The children of classes 7-11 may come for extra classes if they wish. Class 6 and IGCSE classes continue with the study leave.” Related | Precautions for State Board, CBSE students ahead of Exams as Kerala declares Coronavirus a 'state disaster'
Authorities are expected to visit the school soon to check for infection and also to carry sanitation activities. “We are sending a surveillance team to the school and will carry on sanitation activities in school premises. We will also be meeting parents,” said Dr Anurag Bhargava, CMO, GB Manager.
People are advised to stay calm. Also, with examinations going, it would be advisable to be cautious. Parents are advised to educate their kids about the coronavirus and basic precautions. Any fever, if detected, should be given due medical attention.Basic hygiene should be promoted.
Apart from this, all parents are also urged to avoid falling prey to WhatsApp messages giving 'cure' for COVID-19. Basic precaution should be suggested to the students about how the virus spreads. Any new update regarding the same would be provided here.