Gujarat government moves to check CCHF outbreak in Ahmedabad

The Gujarat government has deputed 33 teams for surveillance activity in the area from where cases of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) have been reported. The teams have carried out house-to-house visits in six villages and three hamlets near Kolat village in Sanad in Ahmedabad district, covering a population of more than 26,000 persons.

About 100 cases of fever were detected but all of them have recovered except for two. A total of 58 samples have been collected from the contacts, including hospital staff. Forty-five of them have already tested negative at NIV, Pune.

A six-member central team deputed by the ministry of health and family welfare, meanwhile, reached Ahmedabad today to investigate the CCHF outbreak. NIV, Pune has also deputed a team, an official release said.

No fresh cases have been reported from the affected area after the initial three deaths reported and two cases that are being monitored.

The state animal husbandry department is also conducting parallel surveillance among domestic animals to detect infection.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has also surveyed 58 hospitals for the past 15 days to detect any unusual deaths in their hospitals. But no cases have been reported for viral hemorrhagic fever.

Detailed treatment protocol for CCHF has been developed at B J Medical College, Ahmedabad with the help of various experts. Recommendations of WHO on prevention and treatment have also been obtained and shared with the central team and state government. An expert team is also meeting to review the treatment protocol, the release added.