Pizza Hut to open 100 new UK takeaway outlets by end 2014 news
10 December 2012

Pizza Hut Delivery has announced plans to open 100 new takeaway outlets by the end of 2014, which is expected to create 2,000 jobs, to better cater customers who prefer to order in rather than eat out in the recessionary times.

The fast food delivery business, owned by US food giant Yum! Brands, operates around 300 outlets across the UK, which are both company-owned and franchised, and plans to up that number to 700.

According to the company, it would invest 4.5 million in the ''aggressive expansion plan'', with a substantial portion of the money going to launch a new incentive scheme to support franchisees in opening stores.

Under the scheme, new and existing franchisees would receive around 65,000 to help them open new outlets, while another 15.5,million was expected to come from the franchisees themselves, taking the total planned investment to 20 million.

According to Mark Fox, a Yum! managing director, the company was committed to delivering a major investment in growing its UK system, creating significant new opportunities for existing and would-be franchisees.

He added, the company's investment would increase its marketing spend, drive the outlet numbers, and visibility of Pizza Hut Delivery and create opportunities for franchisees to grow their businesses quickly.

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Pizza Hut to open 100 new UK takeaway outlets by end 2014