I&B ministry to set up website for promotion of audio visual services in India

The ministry of information and broadcsting plans to attract foreign fiklm makers to India for film shoots and for post production processing.  

The film facilitation office of the I&B ministry is setting up a dedicated website to provide information on film locations and production facilities in the country..  
The website will help production companies keen to shoot in India to obtain variou permissions, explore potential benefits and obtain an overview of various locations in India and make online payments to shoot films, TV and web reality shows 
Foreign audio visual agencies intending to shoot in India would be linked to the ministry of external affairs' website.
The I&B ministry website will also provide information on locations and link to all state websites. 
A ministry statement said, the website will capture detailed information pertaining to a particular location, resources or facilities available in a standardised format that would include basic location description, map, best time to shoot, connectivity, photographs, digital walk tour, permissions required, previous movies shot etc.
The site will also provide information on all co-production treaties, shooting guidelines of various central and state agencies, permission process, link to all trade associations.
In addition, the site will have a holistic database of the resources available in the Indian film industry including DOP, cast, crew, casting agents, line producers, service and facility providers as well as producers. 
The statement added, the website will also have a link all trade associations like producers guild, Film Federation of India, chambers of coooerce like CII, FICCI, etc.