Foods / beverages

169 McDonald’s outlets face closure over dispute with franchisee

06 Sep 2017

Poultry waste raising antibiotics resistance

02 Sep 2017

Study negates concerns regarding radioactivity in migratory seafood

01 Sep 2017

Burger King launches a ‘whopper’ of a loyalty programme

30 Aug 2017

Study finds caffeine makes food seem less sweet

26 Aug 2017

Lab-grown meat startup Memphis Meats completes $17-mn Series A fundraising

24 Aug 2017

McDonald's exits 169 outlets in north and east

22 Aug 2017

McDonald’s stares at first strike in UK

19 Aug 2017

Energy dence foods may increase cancer risk regardless of obesity status

18 Aug 2017

Contaminated eggs scandal hit 15 EU states, besides Switzerland, Hong Kong: EC

12 Aug 2017

100-yr-old fruitcake of Scott ‘vintage’ found in Antarctic

12 Aug 2017

Fruitcakes are known for not deteriorating easily, and this one has withstood a century in the coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth

Amazon looking at cutting-edge food technology for home delivery

12 Aug 2017

Oprah ties up with Kraft Heinz for new line of comfort foods

10 Aug 2017

'Man tax’: Melbourne café charges men 18% extra

07 Aug 2017

Starbucks denies rumour of discounts for undocumented immigrants

07 Aug 2017

Wheat worth Rs700 cr kept in the open in Punjab damaged in 4 years

05 Aug 2017

Delay in subsidy release added Rs35,000 cr to FCI’s interest burden: CAG

05 Aug 2017

Rising carbon dioxide levels could hit key nutrients in food crops: study

03 Aug 2017

Researchers create food from air

01 Aug 2017

Not Starbucks’ cup of tea: struggling Teavana to be closed

28 Jul 2017

Photos of mouldy ice cream at McDonald's US outlet go viral

28 Jul 2017

Salmonella in papaya found in 12 US states; 1 dead, 12 hospitalised

24 Jul 2017

Yet another study warns of superbugs in Indian poultry

22 Jul 2017

Texas company recalls coffee with Viagra-like ingredient

21 Jul 2017

GlaxoSmithKline to sell Horlicks malted drinks business in UK

20 Jul 2017