Foods / beverages

Health-promoting phenolic acids lost during food processing

11 Jul 2018

Savoury foods may promote healthy eating through effects on the brain

10 Jul 2018

After Glaxo’s plan to sell Horlicks brand, Kraft weighs sale of Complan

21 Jun 2018

Food fraud in China leads to opportunities for EU products

28 May 2018

Rice becomes less nutritious as CO2 levels rise

28 May 2018

Cheeseburger or salad? How music volume impacts your decision

25 May 2018

French agri-food giant Avril acquires majority stake in Italian olive oil maker Costa d’Oro

16 May 2018

Tyson Foods to buy American Proteins' poultry assets for $850 mn

16 May 2018

Nestle to pay Starbucks $7.15 bn for rights to sell the US chain’s products globally

07 May 2018

Women who eat fast food take longer to become pregnant

04 May 2018

Women who eat less fruit and more fast food take longer to get pregnant and are less likely to conceive within a year, according to a study

Taxing sweet snacks may bring greater health benefits than taxing sugar-sweetened drinks

28 Apr 2018

Will our kitchens soon serve 3-D printed food?

25 Apr 2018

Delhi HC directs ITC to suspend ad campaign till Monday

07 Apr 2018

Researchers develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats

07 Apr 2018

We'll pay more for unhealthy foods we crave, research finds

04 Apr 2018

Study suggests pasta can be part of a healthy diet without packing on the pounds

04 Apr 2018

Carbohydrates get a lot of bad press and blame for the obesity epidemic, but a new study suggests that this negative attention may not be deserved for pasta

Are Easter eggs bad for the environment?

31 Mar 2018

LA court directs coffee firms including Starbucks to insert cancer warning labels

31 Mar 2018

Dining out associated with increased exposure to harmful chemicals called phthalates

31 Mar 2018

A study looked more broadly at dining out, not just at fast-food outlets, and found that it was significantly associated with increased exposure to phthalates

20% of Americans responsible for almost half of US food-related greenhouse gas emissions

24 Mar 2018

20 per cent of US diets with the highest carbon footprint accounted for 46 per cent of total diet-related greenhouse emissions

Organic packaged food market to be close Rs90 crore in 2021: Study

22 Mar 2018

From landfill to lipstick: Grape waste can be used as a cosmetics, food ingredients

20 Mar 2018

Organic food lobby blasts US agency for organic chemical rules

13 Mar 2018

Burger-flipping robot as alternative to human workers undergoes trial

06 Mar 2018

According to commentators, whether it is burgers, cars or farming, robots are gaining the skills required for doing jobs that were once staples of employment

Walmart challenges Amazon's grocery deliveries with ready to eat meals

06 Mar 2018