HDFC Bank ties up with Diebold to upgrade ATMs for visually challenged

HDFC Bank today said that it will upgrade its automated teller machines (ATMs) across India, enabling improved accessibility for the visually challenged.

In the first phase of deployment, HDFC will upgrade selected Diebold 450 (D450) ATMs, which has the smallest footprint compared to other ATMs available in India.

The D450 features a 15-inch LCD screen with Braille-enabled function keys, headphone jack and speakers for voice guidance to enable interactive transactions for the visually impaired. The ATMs also feature advanced skimming technology (ASD) and integrated digital video recorders (DVRs) to enhance security.

''ATMs are critical customer touch points and this upgrade now effectively allows us to offer a larger range of products to all our customers, irrespective of whether they have any disabilities or not,'' said Sanjeev Patel, executive vice president, direct banking channels, HDFC Bank.

HDFC has also partnered with Diebold to secure its network of branches across India.

The private sector bank has partnered with Diebold Incorporated in India to upgrade its existing network of more than 4,500 ATMs to Braille-enabled machines.

Diebold, which provides branch surveillance systems for securing critical areas in a branch premises with data recording, storage and local monitoring features, has secured more than 700 branches of HDFC across India with appropriate technologies.

Diebold India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Diebold, Incorporated, provides managed services for ATMs in India.