Systems glitch at RBS hits thousands of UK customers

A defendant granted bail on Friday had to spend the weekend in prison thanks to computer problems at RBS, it has come to light.

The Canterbury Crown Court had granted bail to the defendant, but he was not freed until Monday as it was not clear whether his bail payment had been made due to a computer glitch at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

In another case in London, a defendant was freed after the court made allowances for the problem.

According to RBS, a software change was the cause for disruption of millions of accounts.

The glitch caused a freeze up with money not being able to be transferred into or from the accounts. Though the problems of last week had been fixed, a huge backlog of transactions remained, the bank said.

According to RBS boss Stephen Hester who spoke to the BBC yesterday, the bank's systems were now working normally but it would take a few days for the backlog to be cleared.